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Dual Credit Program

Gateway Regional Academy (GRA) July, 2016 News for Students/Parents

Gateway & Ludlow Calendars


Did you know that juniors and seniors can start taking college courses while still in high school?  These courses, known as dual credit courses, count as both high school credit and college credit.

Since the tuition for dual credit courses is much lower than typical college tuition, taking advantage of this program is an easy way to help decrease the cost of a college degree.  LHS juniors and seniors have an even better opportunity than paying this lowered tuition rate.  Superintendent Borchers and the Board of Education, along with the help of local sponsors and a new state regulation, will fund these courses for LHS students.  

Students must meet the admission requirements for the college's program, as well as Ludlow's requirements. Because these courses are taken during high school, the admissions requirements are a little different than regular admission for incoming college freshmen.  See the information below for each specific college.

What type of courses can a student take?

Each college allows students to select whatever entry-level course they choose.  Students can take either core or elective courses.  Since our small school can only offer so many electives, this is a wonderful way for students to take a course in a high-interest area that might not be offered at LHS. 

How will this class fit into the student's LHS schedule?

Because each college has a different course schedule each semester, how the course fits into a student's schedule will vary.  Most students may only be able to fit in a course in the evenings or on the weekends.  Online courses can be a great option if the student doesn't have too much time after school or on the weekends due to extra-curriculars or work.  When a student takes an online course, it could possibly be put into their LHS schedule, so they would work in the library or lab for a certain period each day on the online class.  Any schedule arrangement will have to be discussed with Mrs. Currin, the High School Guidance Counselor.

The Gateway Regional Academy will fit into the schedule VERY DIFFERENTLY than other dual credit options.  Please see the Gateway listing below for a possible schedule.


Click the College Logo to Go to Their Dual Credit Webpage for Details

The Basics About 
                       Their Program                         

gateway technical college

- PLAN, COMPASS, or ACT scores are used to determine course placement.

- Courses cost around $160, plus any required textbooks (The district will fund the tuition and e-textbooks, along with a laptop for the student!)

- Ludlow's Student/Parent Commitment & Contract for the GRA Dual Credit can be found HERE

- A Possible Schedule for the GRA Cadre can be found HERE

- Click HERE for the application

- Click HERE for the scores needed for each course

- Click HERE for the Schedule of Gateway's Courses

-Click HERE for their catalog, which includes Course Descriptions

NKU Norther kentucky university


- Requires a 20 ACT or 18 on PLAN;  which courses can be taken will depend on the specific scores in each subtest area

- Must have a 3.0 GPA to apply to the program

- Courses cost around $225, with a $40 application fee, plus any required textbooks (But an LHS student is responsible for the student application fee only!  The district will fund the tuition and textbooks!)

- Click HERE for the Schedule of NKU Courses

- Click HERE for their catalog, which includes Course Descriptions


Thomas More College

- Requires a 3.5 GPA to apply to the program

- Must have completed 2 years of English, math, science, and social studies to apply

- Must maintain a 2.0 GPA while in the program

- Courses cost $200 each, plus a course fee (varies by course), plus any required textbooks  (But an LHS student is responsible for the student application fee only!  The district will fund the tuition and textbooks!)

- Click HERE for the Schedule of TMC Courses

- Click HERE for their catalog, which includes Course Descriptions




Questions about the Dual Credit Program can be directed to Jenny McMillen at jennifer.mcmillen@ludlow.kyschools.us or 859-261-8210.







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