It was great seeing all of my seniors again today.  This is going to be a challenging, exciting, fun, bonding year for you guys.  Enjoy it. 

Today, one of you asked, "Do I have to grow up?"  The short answer is yes, you do.  But the long answer is that I know it's scary, but you are all totally up to the challenge.  This time next year, you will be navigating college campuses, enlisting in the service, or beginning a career.  I have faith that you can all be successful as adults in the intimidating "real world." 

In the mean time, enjoy being a high school student for one more year.  Get involved.  Build an amazing Homecoming float.  Dance your heart out at Homecoming, Snowball, and Prom.  Enjoy each other's company.  Set a positive example for your underclassmen.  Actively participate in your final few months at LHS.  You'll regret it if you don't.