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Biography Project due March 7th  

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Biography Project A:     Scrapbook of a Life


A scrapbook is a book of blank pages in which a person saves significant memories through writing thoughts, pasting photographs, documents and other mementos from their life into the book. When you read through someone’s scrapbook you get an idea about what their life was like. For the scrapbook project you will create a scrapbook documenting your person’s life. You must include the following:


  1. A decorative cover with the person’s name and photo (cover page)
  2. A created birth certificate stating: (page one)
    1. Their birth name
    2. Birth date including year
    3. Place of birth
    4. Parents’ names
  3. A timeline of the significant events and/or accomplishments of their life, starting at birth and ending at present (or their death). You should include at least ten significant events, including pictures and explanations of the events. Explanations must be well written in full sentences. (page two and three or more if needed)
  4. A famous quote from that person and your interpretation of that quote written in one full paragraph.
  5. A bio-poem of your person. A bio-poem is a form of poetry using a structured format. On each line of your poem provides only the information requested for that line. For lines 4-9, you should begin the line with the underlined words given: you supply the information in the parentheses. You may complete the line with a single word or with a short phrase.


Line 1- First name of your person

Line 2 – Three adjectives (descriptive) words

Line 3 – (Relationship) to i.e. brother of….sister of…father of…

Line 4 – Loves (list three things) these do not have to be physical things. For example, Dr. Martin Luther King would have loved freedom or peace

Line 5 – Who feels (three feelings)

Line 6 – Who fears (list three fears)

Line 7 – Who would like to be remembered for (one thing)

Line 8 – Resident of (location)

Line 9 – Last name


  1. A letter you create as if written by that person as a youth to a friend. This letter should reveal the person’s character, personality, and interests. The letter MUST BE AT LEAST THREE PARAGRAPHS.
  2. One made up newspaper article, using the “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, and “why” of news writing, about the person’s accomplishments or events surrounding his/her life.  MUST BE AT LEAST THREE PARAGRAPHS.
  3. A report about your reaction to the book you read. It should be at least three FULL paragraphs (at least 6 sentences each). This report should include:
    1. paragraph one an introduction of your person
    2. paragraph two  the most significant or surprising area of the person’s life that you want to discuss and unique qualities or interesting facts you want to include. Be creative.
    3. PARAGRAPH THREE a concluding paragraph where you will state your opinion of this person. What did you learn from their life?
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