Learning About Money
A great collection of websites to learn about money and practice your money counting skills.Thanks to Courtney and her after school group for finding this resource!

A Plus Math
Counting money with pictures of the currency and coins.

 Buy It
Game that reinforces paying with exact change.

Give change to the customers buying things. Try to sell as many items as possible before the time runs out. Contains options to change the difficulty level.

 Change It
Simple activity about money value and making change. Uses pictures of coins. Ability to set amount of money for problems.

 Count the Money
Use mental math to figure out how many more of a certain coin would be needed to reach a goal.

 Discovering Coin Values
Drag coins to make specified amounts of money

 Just Kids Games: Making Change
Be the cashier in this realistic making change game.

 Math Playground: Making Change
Figure out the amount of change needed and make the change with the least number of coins.


 Nova History of Money
Timeline of history of money.

 PBS History of Money

Quia Counting Change
Concentration game with words and money symbols.

 U.S. Mint Kids
Games and history of money.

 Working with Money
Money related word problems to solve interactively.

 Bank Jr. Elementary
Information about saving, banks, history of money and more.

 Change Maker

Counting Money

Money lessons and Games
Various links to lesson plans and online interative sites for learning about money.

Kids & Teens Financial Literacy
This website has links to many sites that offer resources and activities on financial literacy.

The Mint
This website is not put out by the US Mint but by a financial company. It offers a resources especially focused on spending, earning money, saving and budgeting.