Arbor Day
Interactive activities for Arbor Day, trees and ecology.

 Are you Eco-Friendly?
Play this interactive game to learn how to be eco-friendly by utilizing the 3 Rs.

 EPA Recycle City
Interactive recycling activities.

Games, songs, and information on recycling.

 The Lorax
The Lorax game.

 Windows into Wonderland National Park Service
Virtual field trips to Yellowstone and more.

 Recycling and Garbage
Interactive games and activities.

 Hazardous Waste
Interactive activities and information on hazardous waste.

 Garbage/Solid Waste
Interactive information and activities on garbage and solid waste.

 University of Illinois Extension Just for Kids

Interactive website on animals, plants, and ecology. Wonderful sites.

EPA Kids Drinking and Ground Water
Various games and activities to learn about water and water treatment for various grade levels.


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