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    • Students will not be required to complete Practices, Discussions, Labs, or Projects while they work independently from an alternate location. 
    • Students must complete all required Quizzes and CSTs with a minimum score of 70% to get credit. 
    • Once you have a completed a class email me and I will close out the class and email you, Mr. Caudill, Mr. Hart & Mrs. Johnson that you are finished. 
    • If you are in a Semester class and need an additional semester loaded email me. 
    • Remember students DO NOT have to complete TSTs. 
    • If you need Quizzes or Test reset you can email me and I will reset them.  (Remember this may not happen as quickly as it did when we were all sitting in the classroom together. 
    • I will continue to send out weekly progress reports on Fridays. 

    Contact Information

    My email:

    School Phone #:  (859) 261-8211

  • Having Trouble

    If you are having trouble with a class you can now go back and access the study/tutorial material in the unit while you take a quiz.  I have unlocked the feature that prevented you from doing that earlier.   

  • Finished Class

    Once you have a finished a class please email me and let me know you are done.  I will go in and close out your class and email Mr. Caudill, Mr. Hart and Mrs. Johnson that you are done.  My email is : 

  • Quiz/Test Reset

    If you need a quiz or test reset please email me at:

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        The Ludlow Independent School District is committed to fostering a culture
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        "In an effort to ensure the safety of our students and faculty, please report any threats to our students or school by clicking the S.T.O.P icon. This will direct you to Homeland Security's National Hotline. Be advised. False accusations and false threats are a very serious offense."