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  • Ludlow High School Library Catalog - Turn in your books and email me your requests (make sure it says "available")!!wink You can have two books at a time, but you can only have one graphic novel at a time. Books will be quarantined for a week in between patrons. You must turn in books from last year to check out books this year. 
  • Don't forget about the ebooks available at -- I will send out your new school library card information when I receive it from KCPL.
  • Also...let me know if you need school supplies, help with research, or help getting organized for online learning (see some tips below).


Hello Ludlow Panthers!!!

I miss seeing you all! Below are some tips for getting things accomplished while at home. For more study and self care tips, see my Navigo page. By the way, reading for fun is a great stress reliever. For reading resources, see my Reading page.

Working at home tips:

1. Figure out the time of day when you can focus best. Use that time to work on your most challenging subjects. For most people that time is later in the morning but before lunch.

2. Do schoolwork using the Pomodoro Method: work for 25 minutes, take a break for 5, work for 25 minutes, take a break for 5, work for 25 minutes, take a long break and do something that feels like a reward to you. Turn off phone notifications during your work time.

3. Set up a couple different areas for different kinds of work. Don't just stay in one place all day.  Some suggestions: a comfy, quiet spot for reading (see READING page); a table or counter for math (keep that notebook/scrap paper and a pencil handy); a break area (drawing/coloring/craft supplies, video games, board games, puzzles, legos, etc.). 

4. Do things that recharge and relax you: go outside, move, stretch, talk to friends.

5. Eat as well as you can. Set a sleep schedule for yourself.

6. Let us know what you need. We're here to support you.

You Can Do It!

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The Ludlow Independent School District is committed to fostering a culture
of rigor, excellence, and personal accountability by developing meaningful relationships with students, families, and community members to support and empower students to graduate with college and career readiness skills.

"In an effort to ensure the safety of our students and faculty, please report any threats to our students or school by clicking the S.T.O.P icon. This will direct you to Homeland Security's National Hotline. Be advised. False accusations and false threats are a very serious offense."