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Last week of NTI!!!!  


May 4- May 8 Assignments for All of My Classes:

I know some of you have already been watching CNN 10.  Since we always watched it in class, I want you to continue keeping up on the news.  Watch CNN 10 twice this week.  After each episode, choose one of the stories/topics covered and write a 1-2 paragraph.  Your writing can be a personal reaction, a summary, a kind of journal entry, or any creative type of written response.  

Remember, CNN 10 newscasts are posted and recorded each day, so you could go back and watch episodes that were posted earlier in the week.  The goal of the assignment is to keep you up-to-date on current events, and allow you to process your reaction to everything going on in the world today.


Click here for the CNN 10 shows:


Please choose one of the following methods of submitting your answer:

1. Submit your answer through email - typing your paragraphs right into the body of the email is fine.  Email me at

2.  Hand-write your response, take a picture of it, and text it to me at (859)743-9623


3.  Share in Google Docs.


Submit your TWO responses this week by Sunday, May 3rd.


Hope to see you all soon!


Coach McMillen

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